Hacking the Data Transformation Interview

I am currently (still) seeking a job in data/software engineering area, and I am preparing for all kinds of technical interviews, ranging from coding, algorithm, system design, SQL to computer science fundamental quiz. Data engineer is a role with vague definition, and people with this title functions as an ETL (extract, transformation, load) engineer in some companies. Thus, topics on data transformation could be covered during the interview. In this blog, I am trying to hack interview focusing on data tranformation.

博客由 Hexo 迁移至 Hugo

本篇博文使用 org-mode 书就,耶!

从 2016 将博客迁移至 Hexo+Github 的方案后,我便一直采用此方案写博客。大体来说感受挺不错的,然而由于我有数百篇博客,build 速度永远很让我头大。尤其是有时 markdown 显示出问题了,我又得等上数分钟才能看到结果,体验很不好。所以一听说 Hugo 能一秒生成博客,哪怕要舍弃我花大功夫美化的 NeXT 主题,我依然心生向往,今天便将 Hexo 迁移至 Hugo,顺便达成了 Emacs 写博客的小目标。

Sleep No More 小结


周六五点场,4点40左右到达酒店(McKittrick Hotel1),拿到Ace牌,持此牌可以第一批(大概二十人左右)入场。进入酒店,寄包 ($4),穿过漆黑走廊以适应灯光晦暗的环境。而后进入酒吧等待酒保带领入场,并获得白色面具以佩戴于面2,进入电梯,开始演出。

Figure 1: 根据记忆推算的舞台调度示意图

Figure 1: 根据记忆推算的舞台调度示意图


This configuration:

  • Optimized for simplified Chinese;
  • Implement 朙月拼音 luna-pinyin, 微软双拼 double-pinyin-mspy and 地球拼音 terra-pinyin with 20+ dictionaries including symbols and emoji;
  • Feature 地球双拼 terra-double-pinyin-mspy, a double pinyin input method supporting tone marks;
  • Use 地球双拼 terra-double-pinyin-mspy to reverse lookup 吴语(苏州话) wugniu_soutseu with tone marks, toggled by `;
  • Use ASCII mode for several applications.